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When you are in need of a personal injury and accident attorney, the Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki can help you with any legal question, issue, or dispute. We are a general practice law firm that provides its clients with a wide range of legal services. We consider ourselves as legal counselors and because of that, we guide clients on all of their legal issues. At Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki there is no legal question too large or small for our experienced attorneys to answer. Our goal is for you to think of us as “your lawyers”. We are fully committed and will not give up on your case. We are equipped to help you with any problem that has legal implications. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation.
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Our attorneys believe that the best way to help people is to build a continuing, trusted attorney-client relationship. At Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki in Jacksonville, Florida our attorneys have over 35 years of combined legal experience successfully counseling and representing clients in numerous practice areas. We are prepared to take on your case with assurance. We want to assist our clients with the best service as possible. By doing so, we help build a file filled with documentation and records of the incident, to help support your case. We are dedicated to helping your case and are willing to meet up with our clients to collect more evidence and information for their case.

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With a former state prosecutor heading our capable staff, you can expect to receive the benefit of our comprehensive knowledge and results-oriented legal advice in all areas of practice. We at Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki strive to help improve your circumstances by using our years of legal expertise. Our lawyers have years of experience to help win your lawsuit. It is our mission to help you get compensated for injuries caused other peoples’ negligence. We are confident you will be pleased with our thorough services and hard work.

Here’s why.

Conveniently Located to Serve You
From our law firm in Jacksonville, located five minutes from downtown in the historic district of San Marco, we counsel clients in Jacksonville as well as other surrounding communities such as Orange Park, St. Augustine, Green Cove Springs, Callahan, Palatka, and Fernandina Beach in Florida. We have weekend and evening hours by appointment, and are happy to accept credit cards and payment plans. On personal injury cases, everything is on a contingency basis, which means there is no risk to you because we will only collect a fee if we obtain a settlement on your behalf.
Adaptable and Approachable
When you choose Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki, you can be confident that you will receive adequate assistance and competent information. We are fully qualified to handle all of your legal needs and concerns, no matter how small. Our attorneys take a traditional approach to the law. At Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki, we are in constant communication with our clients and provide persistent updates to their cases. We would like for you to contact us with any legal questions you may encounter.
Personal Injury Expertise
Our firm specializes in an array of personal injuries. When you choose Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki to represent you, we take time to find the proper doctor to help treat and record any injuries caused by the accident, as well as negotiating all the medical bills you receive. In the event that you have obtained injuries or have been monetarily harmed as the consequence of a mishap including another person's carelessness or preposterous acts, call Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki today. Our lawyers have the preliminary knowledge and lawful experience to speak on behalf of your case in discretion, intervention, or prosecution.

Personal Injury

Our team of personal injury lawyers are able to provide you with personal advice and guidance. At Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki we have the experience to defend you in any personal injury case, ranging from motorcycle accidents to medical malpractice.
- Scott Nooney
Motorcycle Accident Jacksonville FL
You Have One Chance to Recover Compensation for Your Personal Injury.

Hire Our Accident and Injury Lawyer and Make It Count

The team behind NRH&N Law provides exceptional legal representation for personal injury cases across Florida, including:
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Jay C
Jay C
Autumn and Michael were great to work with throughout my case. I am completely satisfied with their services as they made sure I was thoroughly treated and compensated for my injuries. I will always contact them first should I ever need representation in the future!
Excellent Attorney. Thanks.
Anthony Martoccia
Anthony Martoccia
Let me first say that no one ever wants to be in a situation where you are injured and you need help. You know someone else is responsible for your injuries sustained and yet you feel alone and helpless like no one has your best interests at heart. My slip and fall accident in 2019 took a real toll on my mental health, until one benevolent lawyer took my case. Michael Roberts with the Law Offices of Nooney & Roberts had my back from the day he took my case, to the day it was settled. No one has fought for me harder than Michael Roberts did. He listened to what I had to say, he heard my concerns and answered my questions, and he recommended and executed a plan that in the end led to me being financially compensated for my injuries. This is a lawyer who will pick up the phone when you call or text back as soon as possible. The line of communication that was established between the client and attorney was honestly incredible. They kept me in the loop constantly with updates and I always felt like they had my back no matter what. I can not recommend this Law Firm enough to others nor can express my gratitude enough for Nooney & Roberts taking such good care of me when I was at my lowest. Thank you to Michael and Autumn specifically for all your hard work. I can’t thank you guys enough.
Raymond Gutierrez
Raymond Gutierrez
So far Lisa and shanice have been great and professional I recommend this law firm to anyone who needs an attorney 👍keep up the great work
Jessica Roman
Jessica Roman
They are one of the very best.
Mel Carter
Mel Carter
I am the Mother of Alexis Carroll. My daughter was 19 years old. And I lost her to a tragic incident 3 years ago (April 2019),in Daytona Beach (spring break). She was my only biological child. When this all first happened, i was shattered. Autumn and Mike took the time to help put me back together, enough to put my "game face" on and ready for battle! We did it! Mike and Autumn did it! They got my point across, as her mother. Holiday Inn will Never forget who I am, nor who my baby Is! This was a battle that I had to fight for my Lexi. Mike and Autumn took the front line and fought it for me. Together, as Team Lexi... We were her Voice! I couldn't have done this without you guys! I can't find the right words to define how much this means to me!! And for my Lexi!! And "Thank you" will never be enough!♥️♥️♥️ I absolutely love you, both!
Rosalind V. Brown
Rosalind V. Brown
They handled my case before and won, let's see what happens now with this one? 🤔The staff that I met with this time ON POINT. 👸🏾👁💝🇯🇲

FAQs About Accident and Injury Cases

What should I do after an accident?
The most important priority after being injured in an accident is to seek medical attention. If you are not immediately taken to the emergency room, you should take photos or videos of the accident scene and obtain the contact information of any witnesses. Even if it appears to be the polite thing to do, you should not admit fault or apologize to anyone else who was involved. Anything you say in the aftermath of an accident can be used against you later if you file a claim or file a lawsuit. If you believe that someone else was at fault, you should consult with an attorney to discuss your options. Almost always, the initial consultation is free.
How much is my personal injury case worth?
This is dependent on the nature of your injuries and cannot be determined until your case has been thoroughly investigated. You can get a ballpark figure from personal injury attorneys in your area based on similar cases they've handled. However, you should be aware that attorneys are not permitted to promise a specific amount of compensation or to predict the outcome of a case. Any estimate you receive will most likely be vague and qualified. Another question is how much you can actually collect, which may be determined by factors such as any at-fault parties' insurance, their assets, and your own insurance.
What if the accident happened while working?
If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to a variety of compensation. In most cases, your employer will be able to provide you with workers' compensation benefits. These will cover your medical expenses as well as a portion of your lost wages. Workers' compensation may also include vocational rehabilitation services and lump sum payments for specific types of injuries or disabilities. If your accident was caused by someone other than your employer or a coworker, you may have a separate personal injury claim against that third party. For example, if you were injured at work because of faulty equipment, you may be able to sue the manufacturer.Workers' compensation recipients may have a right to be reimbursed from the proceeds of the claim, but pursuing a personal injury claim (if applicable) is usually a better strategy because you can get more money than through workers' compensation.
Should I accept the insurance company’s offer?
Before accepting an offer from an insurance company, people who file a personal injury claim should consult with their personal injury lawyer. Most insurance companies will go to great lengths to reduce payouts on personal injury claims. This includes denying responsibility, downplaying the victim's losses, and even pointing fingers at the victim of the injury.
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