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A driver’s license can be suspended for a wide variety of reasons. You may have received too many traffic tickets, paid a fine late, accumulated points on your license, been charged with drunk driving, or any other of a number of situations. In order to get your driver’s license restored, you will have to resolve every issue that caused your license to be suspended. But regardless of the reason, a suspended driver’s license is a substantial inconvenience. The Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki can help. We can fight to clean your driving record and work toward getting your driving privileges restored. With our help, you do not have to feel confused on where to start to get your driver’s license record cleared. Let us assist you in this legal battle. We have over 35 years of combined legal experience and skills to helping you obtain your license back. Don’t lose your freedom to drive due to a suspended license. Having a suspended license has the power to affect your entire life. Call us today to talk about the potential of getting your suspended license restored.

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All throughout North Florida, including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Fernandina Beach, people have turned to the Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki for help. We have assisted hundreds of clients in reclaiming their driving privileges by assembling a successful suspended license defense. We even helped with cases that appeared be completely unrepairable. Which is why we believe that there is no case too big or too small. We work hard to help our clients restore their driver’s license and get back on the road. Let our experience go to work for you. If you need help restoring your driver’s license, call our office today and speak to one of our experienced attorneys.

License restoration cases involve serious investigation. Our lawyers will dig into your driving record, looking at all of the steps that led to your driver’s license being suspended. We will typically need to reopen a variety of cases related to past traffic violations and investigate the details. In many cases, having unpaid traffic tickets can lead to your driver’s license being suspended. Our team of defense lawyers will properly investigate your record until we find out what caused the suspension. When you choose us to help you, we will work hard to restore your driving rights. You can be self-assured that we will do thorough research and help clear your record.

We understand that driver’s license suspension can come in a variety of ways. Whether you are fighting suspension due to a DUI charge, or you were surprised by the issue after several traffic citations that were years apart, our attorneys can help. Call today if your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked due to a DUI or traffic violation. An arrest for a DUI is an automatic suspension of your license. It is important that you have an attorney who is knowledgeable in the way DUI Administrative Suspension Hearings work. At Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki, we are dedicated to defending you and making sure you maintain your driving privileges. You do not have to face this battle by yourself. Our lawyers are skilled in helping you clear your driving record. We understand having a suspended license can cause hardships and obstacles in your day to day life. Having a valid driver’s license is essential when you need to get to work or to drive your family from one place to another. Don’t let a suspended license cause a downward spiral in your life. In the event that you have lost your license as a result of multiple traffic offenses or a DUI, call our office today and speak to one of our driver’s license restoration attorneys.

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