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Nobody wishes to be in a car accident, however, most drivers will probably be in one sooner or later in their life, even if the driver is competent and cautious. In the event that you get injured in a car accident, you should hire a lawyer who cares. We have helped car accident victims all throughout Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau and other surrounding counties.

If you have been hurt or injured in any type of motor vehicle crash, contact our auto accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki in Jacksonville, Florida. When you call our law firm, which is conveniently located in the district of San Marco, you can expect to speak to an experienced attorney, not a paralegal. If you are not able to visit our office due to your injury, our lawyers are more than happy to meet with you at a location and time that is most convenient for you.

Accidents can drastically change people’s lives in a blink of an eye and have devastating effects. That is why our car accident attorneys are committed to fighting for you to get the compensation you deserve. Whether you need reparation for medical bills, pain and suffering, or lost wages, we are here to help you. No personal injury case is too small or significant.

At our law firm, we have dealt with a variety of car accident cases. We have helped clients with rear-end collisions, failure to stop at stop signs and red lights, making improper turns, driving under the influence, T-bone accidents, and many others.

Our Jacksonville accident lawyers can also help you obtain full value for your vehicle property damage claim with your insurance company. When a new vehicle has been damaged, we are able to file a cause of action called diminution of value, since the vehicle’s value is less because it has been in an accident. We can help determine the definition of fair value, and we can act on your behalf with the insurance company to make sure that your car is fixed with new parts from the manufacturer, rather than used parts or parts produced by someone other than the manufacturer.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, and had a dispute on your insurance claim, such as with Personal Injury Protection (PIP), contact our personal injury lawyers immediately for a review of the facts of your case.

Experienced Florida Car Accident Lawyers

Our experienced personal injury lawyers will defend and protect your rights if you have been injured in any of the following vehicle crashes:

Cars and automobiles
Boats, jet skis and other watercraft
SUV (sports utility vehicle) and ATV (all-terrain vehicle) rollovers
Semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and big rigs, including accidents occurring on Jacksonville’s I-10 and I-95 highways

If you have any legal question or concern about an accident injury, contact our Jacksonville, Florida auto accident lawyers today to receive a free initial consultation. Let us help make your bad situation better. We look forward to helping you solve your legal matter.

Contact Our Experienced Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney for a Free Initial Consultation

We exhibit the skill set and experience to help you navigate the needed medical treatment, organize your file, communicate with the insurance companies, and to negotiate for an ideal settlement.

All auto accident cases received are dealt with on a contingency basis, which means that we only collect a percentage of the amount you receive if we attain a successful settlement or verdict. This way there is no risk to you—no up-front costs, no down payment, and no retainer. If we do not obtain compensation, you owe us nothing. Please contact the Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki today so we can help improve your bad situation.

Our auto accident lawyers assist clients in Jacksonville, Florida as well as other surrounding cities like Orange Park, St. Augustine, Green Cove Springs, Callahan, Palatka, Fernandina Beach, Gainesville, Lake City and throughout Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, Bradford, Columbia Flagler and Putman Counties.

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