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The community of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersexed has been subjected to a great deal of discrimination under the law in the United States and elsewhere in the globe. 

The LGBTQ community in the United States has made significant strides in gaining legal protections in recent years, particularly with regard to immigration policy in the United States. 

Same-sex Marriages 

Following the decision of the Supreme Court on June 26, 2013, which struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal government was required to recognize samesex marriages that are performed by the states. This was a significant triumph for the LGBTQ community since it opened the door for couples in the community to have their marriages acknowledged for all government benefits. 

The federal government's recent decision to recognize LGBTQ marriages made it possible for couples to qualify for immigration benefits. Despite the fact that it is currently legal, the legislation surrounding it is still being established as it is a relatively new field of law. 

During the immigration procedure, many couples may find themselves confronted with challenging obstacles. The significance of retaining an experienced immigration attorney cannot be overstated; nonetheless, that attorney's background must include familiarity with immigration law. 

At Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki, we have represented clients in a number of marriage cases involving both same-sex couples and bisexual couples. Despite the apparent clarity in the legislation, we are aware that there may still be obstacles in the way of couples. We pay close attention to the intricacies of each relationship, and we collaborate with our clients to convey their stories.  Although the immigration procedure can be difficult, our LGBTQ immigration attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida will be by your side each and every step of the way. 


The individual's sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as any subsequent bias or discrimination, might put them in situations where they are confronted with specific difficulties. 

While applying for immigration to the United States, our skilled legal team will work with you to overcome any hurdles that may arise. We are aware that life may be challenging, and we also realize that there is no "normal marriage."

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Global Concerns Raised About Gay Marriages 

It is possible to submit petitions (Form I-130, I-129F) on behalf of foreign spouses of the same sex. This paves the way for the potential of acquiring several visas, such as the K-1 visa for a fiancé, the K-3 visa for "marriage," employment (H) visas, and other visas.

In addition, an Adjustment of Status can be acquired for same-sex spouses to provide foreign spouses permanent residency based on a marriage to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. This option is available for couples who share the same gender. 

Same-sex marriages are illegal in certain countries. 

Relationships between homosexual or transgender individuals are frequently prohibited and prosecuted under the laws of many countries. 

It may be difficult to build the essential evidence for relationship or asylum-based applications when dealing with these countries. 

Asylum and Refuge

To be eligible for asylum, a person must demonstrate that they are in danger of being persecuted in their home country because of their race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. As a consequence of this, one can qualify for refugee status by their participation in a social group that is based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

To qualify for asylum in the United States, an individual must present evidence that they have been persecuted in their home country or fear that they will be persecuted in the future due to their gender identity and sexual orientation. 

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