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According to Florida law, if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident—or you are a surviving
family member of someone in a fatal motorcycle accident—and deemed not at fault, you may be
eligible for compensation from the party at fault. Call Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki at
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The Sunshine State has the second-highest number of registered motorcycle riders in the United
States, with more than half a million registered motorcycles. Unfortunately, Florida also leads
with the nation’s highest number of deadly motorcycle crashes each year.
Getting into a motorcycle accident can lead to serious consequences, including permanent and
serious injury, property damage, and death for accident victims. Losses that may be eligible for
compensation following a motorcycle accident in Florida include:

▪ Lost wages
▪ Medical transport costs
▪ Medical bills
▪ Property damage
▪ Pain and suffering
▪ Wrongful death compensation

Our talented team of Florida motorcycle accident attorneys at Nooney, Roberts, Hewett &
Nowicki understand how difficult it can be to recover from the physical, psychological, and
financial costs suffered as a result of a motorcycle accident. With our expertise and legal
resources, we can help you or an injured loved one file a motorcycle accident claim to seek the
compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycles are different from the average motor vehicle in that they often provide much less
safety protection for their riders. In the event of a crash, this can lead to severe injuries such as
the following:

▪ Spinal cord injury
▪ Internal organ damage
▪ Severe head trauma
▪ Bone fractures
▪ Traumatic brain injuries

Severe motorcycle accidents, unfortunately, have the potential to result in permanent
disfigurement, loss of limbs, paralysis, and death.

These costs can be devastating to the health and well-being of injured motorcycle riders. Seeking
compensation is often the most helpful recourse a person can choose to pursue to cover the
financial, physical, and psychological tolls.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Many motorcycle accidents occur because of a small time period of judgment or attention. As
many injured motorists can attest, accidents can happen very quickly, with little for people to do
in such situations but attempt to protect themselves in any way possible.
Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida include:

▪ Speeding
▪ Aggressive drivers
▪ Distracted driving
▪ Poorly maintained roads
▪ Failing to notice traffic signs and lights
▪ Failing to yield
▪ Defective motorcycle parts
▪ Driving under the influence
▪ Improper lane changes

Motorcycle Accidents and Alcohol Intoxication

Motorcycle accidents are also commonly influenced by alcohol or drug use. Across the United
States, alcohol impairment is involved in 28 percent of motorcycle crash fatalities.
While personal drinking habits can be controllable, situations can occur in which a motorcyclist
crashes with another driver who has been drinking. This, unfortunately, cannot be prevented.
The most effective tips for avoiding collisions with other motorists are to keep your full attention
on the road, be attentive to surrounding drivers, and avoid drinking and riding.

Important Facts to Know About Florida Motorcycle Accident Claims

Filing a motorcycle accident personal injury claim is a form of legal recourse individuals can
choose to pursue after becoming injured from a motorcycle accident.
For many people, the idea of pursuing legal action can be intimidating and overwhelming.
Understanding how motorcycle accident cases work can help you feel more confident about your
entitlement to seek compensation for damages.

Under Florida law, injured motorcycle riders are entitled to seek compensation if their accident
occurred at the fault of another motorist. The legal term for this is “negligence.”
When you are in an accident with another party at fault, Florida law entitles you to hold the
negligent party responsible for your injuries and other losses. Typically, the negligent party
refers to the other motorist involved in the accident.

However, if your accident occurred due to faulty motorcycle parts, you may be eligible to file a
claim against the motorcycle manufacturer on the basis of product liability.

If you’ve suffered injuries because of another party’s negligence, getting in touch with a personal
injury attorney who has extensive experience in motorcycle accident cases is the best way to
gather the necessary evidence to support your case. Call Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki at
(904) 398-1992 or fill out a fast and convenient form to schedule a free initial consultation with
our experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident attorneys!

Why Should You File a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

The reasons why people pursue legal recourse can vary depending on personal circumstances
and the severity of a person’s injuries. However, the primary reason in most cases is the sheer

Many of the consequences of getting into a motorcycle accident—such as medical treatment,
motorcycle repair costs, and lost wages due to injury—can accumulate to a big sum of money
within the first hours, days, and weeks of the incident.

In the case of serious or catastrophic injuries, long-term care or treatment may also be required,
which can complicate the process of determining a fair settlement amount and even further
increase your expenses.

Getting into an accident can be disorienting and traumatic. Contacting a motorcycle accident
attorney who can represent you aggressively for the compensation you deserve is essential to
your claim.

“I Just Got into a Motorcycle Accident! What Steps Should I Take?”

If you got into a motorcycle accident, there are several steps you may need to take to get the
details of your accident on record and attend to the resulting injuries.

Following these steps can help you protect your rights in the event of an accident and prepare
you to make a strong and successful case for your right to compensation:

1.Seek Medical Care

Your safety and life are the number one priority in any accident. First, check yourself for any
injuries, and look to see if anyone else involved in the accident has sustained any visible injuries.
If you or anyone else involved is injured, call 9-1-1 to request emergency medical personnel to
the accident scene.

Even if you believe your injuries are minor, it’s important to always have your health and
wellbeing assessed by medical professionals. This is especially true if you have sustained any
kind of head or brain injury, as this can lead to brain trauma or concussion without swift medical

Failing to get treatment for injuries sustained after an accident can risk more serious problems
down the road.

2.Call the Police

If you get into an accident, it’s important to call the police to report the incident. Your local
police will be able to write up a formal police report, including vital details about the scene of
the accident and the information of other involved motorists. This can serve as useful evidence
for supporting your claim and adding to its credibility.

3.Gather Information

Once you have called 9-1-1 and contacted the police, gather the names, phone numbers,
insurance information, and license plate numbers of other motorists involved in the accident and
any eyewitnesses.

4.Take Note of Your Surroundings

Although most people can feel quite shaken in the immediate aftermath of an accident, it’s in
your best interest to take note of whatever details you can about the scene of the accident and the
moments leading up to it.

If you have your cellphone at hand, take photos of the following for your records:

▪ Accident scene
▪ Skid marks
▪ Positions of the vehicles
▪ Personal injuries
▪ Property damage
▪ Screenshot of your recent calls

5.Contact A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You should also record the time of the accident, any memorable details about the weather, traffic
signs, or suspicious driving activity (e.g., drunk or distracted driving from the other driver).
After calling the appropriate authorities, one of the most important calls you can make after
getting into an accident is to a motorcycle accident attorney. This should be done before calling
your insurance company, as your insurer may request a statement.

If you contact your insurance company before consulting an attorney, do not provide any sort of
statement or admit to any fault in the accident. Your attorney can help you craft an appropriate
statement for your insurance that won’t create trouble for you later in the motorcycle accident
claims process. Our knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys are able to guide you
throughout the entire process.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Having the right legal representation matters. Your best option in seeking legal recourse is to
find an attorney who has a strong track record of securing compensation for injured
motorcyclists or surviving family members.

Finding the right attorney can be the difference between being awarded a fair settlement and
suffering the expenses that can quickly add up in the aftermath of an accident.
Check out these tips on how to find the best Florida motorcycle accident attorney to handle your

Find an Attorney with Experience

Motorcycle accident cases are not the same as the average personal injury claim, although they
are similarly categorized.

When choosing a skilled attorney to represent your interests in a motorcycle accident claim, your
best course of action is to find an attorney who has verifiable experience handling motorcycle
collision cases.

Why Does this Specific Experience Matter?

Motorcycle accident claims are often held at a higher level of investigation, which can create a
more complicated and troublesome negotiation process. They are also subject to different laws
and processes than motor vehicle accident claims, both of which can require skill.

At Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki, our motorcycle accident attorneys understand the
important difficulties and troubles that can make the difference between recovering damages for
the injured motorcycle riders we represent and leaving them empty-handed. With decades of combined legal experience, we are dedicated to advocating for all of our clients, as they receive small firm attention and big firm results.

Resources and Connections

The most valuable tools a motorcycle accident attorney can possess are extensive legal
knowledge, professional connections, and other legal resources.

Having an extensive list of resources and connections can prove to you as a client that your
attorney will not cut corners in conducting a thorough investigation of your case.
Having working relationships with professionals in your community—such as the police,
hospital staff, and other legal experts—demonstrates exceptional communication and
collaboration skills. These are essential for any competent personal injury attorney to possess and
should be considered when vetting your options for legal representation.

Florida Laws Regarding Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident laws can vary by state. In Florida, injured motorcyclists are entitled to the
right to seek accident-related compensation if their injuries occur as a direct result of another
party’s negligence.

In motorcycle accidents, negligence refers to any behavior, action, or influence that deems an
individual or entity at fault (e.g., drunk driving, texting while driving, or failing to follow traffic
rules, etc.).

Another aspect of the legal process to consider when filing a motorcycle accident claim is the
statute of limitations, which can vary by state.

Florida Statute of Limitations for Motorcycle Accident Claims

A statute of limitations is the amount of time someone has to file a lawsuit in the aftermath of an
accident or crime.

Knowing the statutes of limitations for motorcycle accident claims in Florida is crucial for any
Floridian who is considering taking legal action for a recent or past accident.

The following statutes of limitations refer specifically to Florida law:

▪ Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Claims: Injured motorcycle riders have up to four
years from the date of their motorcycle accident to pursue legal action for compensation.

▪ Wrongful Death Claims: Surviving family members have up to two years after the date of
a deceased motorcyclist’s accident to file a wrongful death claim against the negligent

▪ Product Liability Claims: If your motorcycle accident happened because of defective
motorcycle parts, this may entitle you to compensation on the basis of product liability.
Injured motorcyclists in Florida have up to four years to file a product liability claim in
the event of personal injury, or up to two years for wrongful death.

▪ Motorcycle Claims Against Government Entities: If your accident happened as a direct
result of poor road conditions, or the fault of a government driver, you have up to three
years to file a lawsuit against the appropriate government entity.

Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Florida leads the nation with the highest rate of motorcycle fatalities. According to state records,
Florida saw over 9,000 motorcycle accidents in 2018.

The total number of fatalities because of motorcycle crashes in the state totaled 502 motorcyclist
deaths and 7,860 injured motorcyclists. These numbers are slightly lower than those of previous
years, but still represent the highest rates of motorcycle accidents and fatalities in the United

Factors that often play a role in Florida motorcycle crashes and deaths:

▪ Not wearing a helmet
▪ Alcohol-or-drug-related impairment
▪ Not following traffic stops, signs, and rules
▪ Older age
▪ Lacking a valid motorcycle license

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Motorcycle accidents are often not just a small matter. Serious injuries and wrongful deaths
devastate thousands of motorcycle accident victims and their families each year.

The expert motorcycle accident lawyers at Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki understand the
seriousness of these consequences and have the capability to help injured motorcyclists and their
families seek fair and just compensation.

Don’t wait to begin the process of filing your motorcycle accident claim. Call us at (904) 398-
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